Lorex Product Update - FLIR Camera is Updated to New Lorex Camera

In about July or August of 2019, we received a letter from Rolex Technologies Canada, which is about a camera product that we bought at a local store. The main point is that the original camera is no longer supported, and the product Update.

HTTP Error 500.0 - ANCM In-Process Handler Load Failure

We have multiple websites based on ASP.NET Core 2.2 (before ASP.NET 3.0 formally releasing). We have chosen a great ASP.NET hosting provider that can provide a newer ASP.NET and ASP.NET Core versions, the provider is just SmarterASP.NET.

Huawei Officially Launched the Ark Compiler Open Source

August 31, 2019, Huawei's Ark compiler open source official website was launched, and the framework source code was opened for the first time. The Ark compiler performs architectural-level optimization of the terminal software compilation mechanism, which will significantly improve the user experience.

Build and Publish a Wyam Static Site Using CI CD Pipeline

How to using a CI/CD Pipeline to automatically build and publish a static website using Wyam?

New Wyam Version is Statiq

According to the updated information from Wyam project's author Dave Glick: Wyam is rebranding to Statiq for the v3 release.

Transfer Domain Name From GoDaddy To Google Update

We have had a post about how to Transfer Domain Name From GoDaddy To Google

Your Current Security Settings Do Not Allow This File To Be Downloaded in Windows Server 2016

When we install a new Windows system, we generally use windows pre-installed browsers such as IE by default.

Set Compare Filter for WinMerge

WinMerge is a popular source code comparing and merging tool on Windows platform. It can comapre both folders and files.