Transfer Domain Name From GoDaddy To Google

Published on Sunday, November 4, 2018

Transfer Domain Name From GoDaddy To Google

Most of our domain names are in GoDaddy, which is the biggest domain name registrar in the world. We have used GoDaddy's domain name service for 10+ years, we are very satisfied with their service, which is very stable and easy to operate.

Why we transfer domain name from GoDaddy to Google?

At present we only have a simple reason why we transfer domain name from GoDaddy to Google Domains: the Price.

We will not transfer all of our domains from GoDaddy to Google. Because we still need something which GoDaddy can bring to us but Google Domains can not. For example: There are more domain name players use GoDaddy, so we can easily trade domain names with them though GoDaddy's platform..

For us, although Google Domains are still very young, some of the services and features that we need are basically the same as GoDaddy. But for some domains and domain name services Google Domains are cheaper. For example: Domain Privacy, which can keep a domain's details private, is included at the domain name purchasing or transferring without additional cost on Google Domains, but GoDaddy charges at least an additional $14.99 CAD each year. This is an important reason why we want to transfer some domain names from GoDaddy to Google Domains.

What is Domain Transfer Requirements?

Before we start to transfer domain name, we have to understand domain transfer requirement and related concepts such as transfer restrictions, transfer cost etc.

Please read here to get more details.

How to Transfer a Domain Name to Google Domains?

Also, before we begin the process to transfer a domain, we will have to do somethings on current registrar which our domain name is managed on, which is GoDaddy for our case.

1: Unlock the domain name

GoDaddy normally locks domain names by default, so that nobody can transfer the domains out. If we want to transfer the domain to another domain registrar, we have to unlock the domain manually first.

We can set the domain lock to off for free on GoDaddy website.

Domain from Godaddy to Google

2: Cancel Protected Registration or DBP Private Registration:

If you have the Protected Registration on a domain which you want to transfer from GoDaddy to another registrar, you need to cancel it. You might not have protected registration for you domain, but you might have Private Registration service for your domains. If you want to transfer a domain, you must cancel the service first.

t usually indicates that domain management system has detected privacy on the domain if you received domain transfer denied email which include information like “Express written objection to the transfer from the Transfer Contact. (e.g. - email, fax, paper document or other processes by which the Transfer Contact has expressly and voluntarily objected through opt-in means).”

3: Get Authorization Code for the Domain name:

If transferring a domain name to Google Domains, Google Domains needs an authorization code (also known as EPP codes or transfer keys) which is released by current domain management registrar, this can verify that you own the domain name.

On GoDaddy, click the domain name to get the domain management page, we can see the menu item “Get authorization code” on the bottom of the page.

Domain from Godaddy to Google

An authorization code will be sent to the email address which is set in the domain name.

4: Now we login to Google Domains to start the domain transfer process:

Click the “Transfer in” menu item to start the transfer process.

Domain from Godaddy to Google

Then, we enter the domain name which we want to transferin:

Domain from Godaddy to Google

5: We now get tips information which is about prepare operations such as unlock domain and authorization code. Since the domain name has been unlocked and no more privacy stuff, so now we just enter the authorization code in this step, and click the Continue button:

6: Now we set DNS information for the domain name, we can either select Copy and let Google management DNS or keep current nameservers. For our case, since we have an existing website on the domain name, we think that keeping current nameservers information will be more simple, so we select the second option:

Domain from Godaddy to Google

7: We review the total price for the domain name transferring plus setting on privacy protection service, which is $17 CAD at present. This price is cheaper than GoDaddy because GoDaddy charges extra cost for domain privacy protection service.

Domain from Godaddy to Google

8: Now we input our payment information to buy the domain transfer service;

9: Google Domains displays information as below:

We have asked your current registrar to release to us. The transfer of your domain will complete immediately after your registrar releases it to us. However, your registrar may take until November XX, 201X to process your transfer request. Please note, for security reasons your registrar may contact you directly and ask you to approve the transfer again.*

We will receive an email from GoDaddy to inform us that the domain is going to be transferred to Google Domains.

We can either just wait for the domain transfer process finish for us without doing anything else, or for speeding up the transfer, we can login GoDaddy account and select the menu Domain > Transfers, we will see the pending transfer domain is listed there, then click the domain to see Transfer Details page, click Accept or decline link which is in red color, select Accept transfer and OK button to make the domain transfer process done.

Domain from Godaddy to Google

Wait for a short while, refresh the domain list in our Google Domains, we can see the domain name was transferred successfully.