Transfer Domain Name From GoDaddy To Google Update

Published on Thursday, August 29, 2019

We have had a post about how to Transfer Domain Name From GoDaddy To Google

Here we have a updated guide, it is more simple than the previous one:

1: Login to your Google Domain account, you can see there is a “Transfer” menu item on the left side:

google domain 1

2: Input the domain that you want to transfer in the box on the textbox (right side) and press the return key on the keyboard, you will see the domain's status, eg: locked or unlocked;

google domain 2

3: You should unlock your domain and cancel protected registration (if apply) first in Godaddy, and get the domain's authorization code (normally Godaddy sends the code to your email box);

google domain 3

(Note: you can check the previous post about how to unlock a domain and how to get authorization code. )

4: After enter the correct authorization code, the next step is setting the new DNS:

google domain 4

5: Then pay the fee - When you transfer, you retain all the time of your current registration and add an extra year.

(Note: In this step Google Domain provides Privacy Protection without extra cost by default, if you don't need it, you can turn off)

6: After payment, you will either just wait for Godaddy to release the domain or if you want to quickly transfer the domain you can go back to your Godaddy account to manually confirm the transfer.

google domain 5

If you feel that you still don't understand the above steps completely, please refer to how to Transfer Domain Name From GoDaddy To Google.