Open Command Prompt from Windows 10 File Explorer

Published on Friday, July 5, 2019

Sometimes, when we open a directory from the file explorer of windows 10, we might want to switch to the command line to do somethings related to the current directory, for example, when we use Git to manage our source code.

We used to open the Command Prompt from Start menu or input the ‘cmd’ command in the search bar in Windows But we will have to take another step to get into our destination directory.

Actually we can just take one step to get into the target directory if we have open the folder in the file explorer, like below.


1: Use mouse to click the Address bar in the File Explorer; This can show the path of the destination directory. 2: Add the 'cmd ' string to the beginning of the path string above;


3: Click Return button, you will see you now are in the target directory in the Command Prompt.