Huawei Officially Launched the Ark Compiler Open Source

Published on Monday, September 2, 2019

August 31, 2019, Huawei's Ark compiler open source official website was launched, and the framework source code was opened for the first time. The Ark compiler performs architectural-level optimization of the terminal software compilation mechanism, which will significantly improve the user experience.

The open sourced Ark compiler is part of the compiler framework, including compiler intermediate representation (IR) and language compilation implementation, while composing other binary components of the compiler, to achieve the compilation process of Java programs to aarch64 assembly instructions. Developers can build a compiler toolchain based on open source code + binary, and try to compile Java programs. Community participants can learn the Ark compiler's compiler intermediate representation (IR) and the basic mid-end compilation framework through the framework source code, familiarize themselves with the architecture idea of the Ark compiler, and participate in contributions such as optimization to the compiler mid-end.

hw ark compiler

The Ark compiler is a cross-compiler suite developed by GCC (GNU Compiler Collection). It includes front-end libraries for C, C++, and Fortran, as well as libraries for these languages ​​(such as libstdc++, libgcc, etc.). HCC runs on an X86 Linux architecture server and the generated binary runs on the Aarch64 architecture server.


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