Lorex Product Update - FLIR Camera is Updated to New Lorex Camera

Published on Saturday, December 7, 2019

In about July or August of 2019, we received a letter from Rolex Technologies Canada, which is about a camera product that we bought at a local store. The main point is that the original camera is no longer supported, and the product Update.

At this time we remembered that one of the cameras at home had stopped working, and this camera was the most expensive one we bought at that time (because all others are baby cameras).

They reminded us to check the official web page for more information.

Lorex Product Update Notice

Lorex is publishing a critical product update that is part of our ongoing commitment to provide our customers with the best and most reliable experience possible.

We are rolling out this update to all Lorex systems, and as part of the process it will be necessary for some customers to transition to a new Lorex app in order to continue uninterrupted service. If your product requires transition, you will receive detailed instructions through your existing app when the update occurs sometime over the upcoming month.

While we have thoroughly tested the update process, as with any change there may be a few unexpected interruptions to customer devices.

Lorex camara update

If you have an old FLIR or Lorex FX/FXC camera, you have futher information below:

FLIR or Lorex brand FX/FXC Series Wi-Fi Cameras

FLIR FX, FLIR Secure and Lorex Secure apps will no longer be supported as of Aug 15th, 2019,

You may be eligible for a free Lorex Active Deterrence Wi-Fi replacement camera or a Lorex.com store discount of US$120.00 (or $160 CAD) per FX/FXC camera. View Replacement Camera Comparison

If you require a store discount, please contact Lorex sales department at (1-888) 425-6739.

For replacement, please enter your account email and camera's Device ID into the request form below to check your eligibility.

For any questions about the Up Program please call Lorex Tech Support at (1-888) 425-6739.

So you have the similar issue, please check Lorex Technology official site to get refund or get a replacement new product.