Set Compare Filter for WinMerge

Published on Tuesday, August 27, 2019

WinMerge is a popular source code comparing and merging tool on Windows platform. It can comapre both folders and files.

In newer WinMerge version, the compare filter setting is changed, it does not use menus, but also use a filter setting file, the user can put more flexible filter rules there.

Open the filter setting from Tools > Filters.

winmerge filter set 01

Now we can create a New filter file or edit existing filter file. In our case, we have projects use C# most of the time, so we select the existing “Visual C# loose” to edit:

winmerge filter set 02

The existing “Visual C# loose” has included some lines for filtering some folders and files, but we need to filter out Bin and Obj folder, because we do not need to compare them. Also, in our case we are using Source Safe for source control, we need to filter out the file "vssxx.scc" files.

So I added filter code below:

## new added below 

f: \.(vs[sp])?scc$

d: \\bin$
d: \\obj$

How to use the filter settings?

When you select folders or files to compare, you set the Folder Filter:

winmerge filter set 03