Your Current Security Settings Do Not Allow This File To Be Downloaded in Windows Server 2016

When we install a new Windows system, we generally use windows pre-installed browsers such as IE by default.

How to Input Source Code Block in WordPress without Plugin

For a long time we don't know how to show a source code block in WordPress without a plugin. Why we do not want a plugin because we want to keep our WordPress content as simple as possible, and we do not want article format to rely on plugins.

YouTube was Down at about 2018 Oct 16 21:20PM EST

When we saw the YouTube issue, it was at about 21:20pm EST Oct 16, 2018. But we don't know what happened.

Using Google Analytics to Track Your Website Traffic

If you want to know the information about your website traffic, such as how many daily visitors, you can use Google Analytics, which is a free but professional web analytics service offered by Google that tracks and reports website traffic. Google Analytics also provides functions that can help you analyze data for your website.

DNS, Name Server, A Record, CNAME

Here we collect some basic knowledge about domain names, DNS, Name Server, A Record, CNAME record, etc.

Browser Market Share 2009 June IE falls below 60% Firefox surpasses 30%

Due to the data about web browsers from StatCounter, Internet Explorer has fallen below 60% market share mark, from 62.09% to 59.49%; Firefox has surpassed 30% market share mark, went up from 28.75% to 30.33%;